Frequently Asked Questions
Welcome to the LineStar and FantasySportsCo. tutorial page! Don't let the new terms and charts intimidate you. If you love sports and are committed to win, you can learn how to use our Award Winning products in no time! On this page you can learn the basics of LineStar and how you can use your knowledge of your favorite sports along with our advanced tools to craft amazing lineups.
If at any time you have questions, please email us at or on Twitter @LineStarApp
General Questions
Q: What is LineStar™?
A: LineStar helps you be successful playing (DFS) Daily Fantasy Sports. We accomplish this by providing a set of advanced tools presented in a simplified manner that anyone can benefit from. All tools are built 100% in-house by computer science and data science geniuses in San Diego, California.
Q: How does LineStar Help Me?
A: You don't have to be a genius, or watch 10 hours of sports to succeed in Daily Fantasy. Don't worry, we do the heavy lifting for you! Our advanced machine-learning algorithms take into account over 100 different sport-specific variables that help create an edge for you. We easily identify trends and opportunities for you to capitalize on. Then we present them in a simple fashion using easy to digest numbers and emoji.
Q: Which Sites & Sports does LineStar currently support?
A: We presently support: DraftKings, FanDuel, and Yahoo Daily Fantasy.
For sports we support: Football, Basketball, Baseball, Hockey, College Basketball, College Football, Golfing, and NASCAR.
We're always looking to add new sports/providers based upon demand.
Q: Where can I download the mobile apps?
A: You can download LineStar mobile apps for free in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.
Q: What makes LineStar better than the competition?
A: Besides the fact that we're drastically more affordable than them? Glad you asked!
LineStar offers the most up-to date, relevant, and easy to understand DFS research out there.
  • Better Apps - Our top-rated mobile apps are built natively for each platform. We don't just take our website and make it viewable on mobile, we build everything *specifically* for your phone/tablet! As evidenced by thousands of positive reviews, our customers really value the ability to take their clutch daily fantasy research on the go!
  • Better Results - Our projections are 100% transparent. You can easily see if we're accurate or wrong and if we're wrong, the reasons behind it (ex. overtime) there is no provider that has produced more verified wins than we have.
  • More Sports - Nobody offers more sports than we do! We cover the most sports/providers out of any DFS toolset. Our information/research is incredibly up-to date and updated many times throughout the day.
  • More Features - Proprietary features such as FanSense, QuickGlance Icons, Advanced Charts, and LineGen that you won't find anywhere else.
  • Customer Success - We genuinely care about our customers, we'll do the best to field your questions and provide a timely response. We don't employ any DFS pros who are inputting 1000's of lineups to compete against you. We genuinely want to see you succeed.

As you can see, not only do we have the best prices, but we've got the best of everything.
Q: How often is LineStar Updated?
A: As often as projections change :) We pride ourselves on having some of the most up to date projections, injury updates, and relevant intelligence. We publicly post the last time that projections were modified below the sporting period so you can easily tell when they were last changed.
Q: How often are player projections updated?
A: Player projections vary by sport but typically occur numerous times throughout the day. Some weekly sports such as PGA or NASCAR might have less frequent updates due to the nature of the sport and general lack of news/updates for given players. Nascar for instance generally has 2 projection updates, one for the initial projections, and then one update after the practice and qualifying races have taken place.
Q: What times are new periods added?
A: Periods are added generally after the previous period's games have concluded. This is because those games can affect projections for the following period. The amount of time between posting is different for each sport and can vary to some degree. Ex: Daily sporting periods generally become available quicker than weekly.
Subscription Questions
Q: How much does LineStar Premium cost?
Q: Does LineStar Premium give access to Website & Apps?
Yes, LineStar Premium subscription includes unlimited access to all sports, all providers, and our website and native mobile applications.
Q: How can I see when my subscription will expire?
A: You can see when your subscription expires by going to your account settings.
Q: How do I cancel?
You can cancel anytime through your account settings page on the website. From the LineStar app, open the Settings page, which is accessible from the Navigation Drawer icon at the top left inside the App. Then Press the Cancel Subscription button.
NOTE: If your subscription is through the Apple App Store, you must cancel on your apple device.
Q:How to cancel my Apple subscription?
A: The first thing you need to know is: uninstalling the app will not automatically stop your subscription - because it's attached to your iTunes account. You must actively cancel the subscription using the process described below. If you uninstall the app but don't cancel your subscription first, you will still be charged by Apple. Only Apple can cancel your iTunes subscriptions for you. Please note that canceling a subscription will stop the recurring fee moving forward, and you will have access to the content until your last payment expires.

We try to make this process as painless as possibly by directly linking to you section where you would cancel within your account settings on the LineStar app for Apple products.

There are 2 ways to manage your Apple subscriptions: on your portable device (iPad, iPhone or iPod) or on your computer.

Cancel subscription on iPhone, iPad or iPod
  1. Access Settings in the home of your device
  2. Scroll down and tap iTunes Store and AppStore
  3. Tap your e-mail and Apple ID, View Apple ID and enter your password
  4. Now, tap Subscription - Manage and select LineStar
  5. Turn off the auto-renewal option and tap Done
Cancel subscription on your computer
  1. Open iTunes.
  2. Click Sign In and enter your Apple ID.
  3. Click your name, and select Account Info from the drop-down menu.
  4. Enter your password again.
  5. On the Account Information screen:
  6. Scroll to the Settings section.
  7. To the right of Subscriptions, click Manage.
  8. Choose LineStar.
  9. Turn off Automatic Renewal to cancel your subscription. Your subscription will stop at the end of the current billing cycle.
Cancelling your subscription won't be a goodbye forever, you can restart your subscription at anytime.

You can read more about this topic and how to cancel, directly from Apple (
Q: How can I cancel or manage Android subscriptions?
A: Important: Uninstalling or removing the app will not automatically stop your subscription - you must actively cancel the subscription using one of the process described here.
Please note that canceling a subscription will stop the recurring fee moving forward, and you will have access to the content until your last payment expires.
To cancel a subscription from your device:
  1. Open the Google Play Store app.
  2. Open Menu (An icon with three horizontal bars, usually located on top left space of your screen. You can try to click on the bag icon on that position, if your device shows it.)
  3. Tap My Apps > Subscriptions and tap on the app of the subscription you'd like to cancel. Alternatively, tap Menu > My Apps > Tap the app of the subscription you'd like to cancel > Tap the app's details page.
  4. Tap 'Cancel' and 'Yes' to confirm the cancellation.
If you wish, you can find some more instructions on Google Support page, or you can contact us!
After cancelling, we would really appreciate your feedback on why do you want to terminate your subscription. Your opinion is important for us to keep working on our app to get it better. You can reach us at
Using the Website
Q: How do I read the advanced charts?
A: Looks intense? Don't worry, you'll be able to understand it relatively quickly!

We took the most important elements of Daily Fantasy and condensed them down to a single easy-to-read chart. Here's what the chart is showing you:
Projections: The green dot is our projection for the player, the blue dot is what they actually scored. You can view historical projections for the previous periods to see how consistent we've been.
Salary Changes: At the top of the chart you can view how the players salary has been going up/down. This would clearly correlate with the players performance which you can easily see.
MatchUp: Who'd they play, when the game was played, where it was played, and how were they rated vs. that competition? Red means they had a tough matchup, black means they had a neutral matchup, green means they had a favorable matchup.

  • The trophy icon represents they were in the perfect lineup that day.
  • The clock icon represents the game included overtime for that period.
  • The S icon represents they started that game.
You can click into an opponents team to research how they historically performed against that team on an individual level. Disseminating this information can help you understand a story about each individual player, are they on a heater, are they overdue, or are they cold as ice.

You can mark a player as Love/Hate to include/exclude them from your lineup.
You can also modify the projection by +1/-1 per click if you feel like modifying your own projections on any specific player. These adjustments are all taken into account when using the lineup generator.
Q: What is Love/Hate?
  • Loved Players: Your loved players will force their way into generated lineups.
  • Hated Players: Your hated players will be excluded from generated lineups.
Q: What do the red/green/yellow colors mean?
A: Red means they have a tough matchup, black or yellow means they have a neutral matchup, green means they have a favorable matchup.
Q: What are QuickGlance™ Icons?
A: QuickGlance™ icons help you visualize player specific advice, trends, and data. We do this by simplifying important stories about the player to an emoji.
Q: What is FanSense™?
A: Instantly get a feel for how other players feel about an athlete. This proprietary crowd sourced intuition tells you if the crowd is hyped on a player or not feeling them! You can use this intelligence as another factor to decide whether or not to include them in your lineup or get a general feel for ownership percentage. The number next to the heart demonstrates how many people love the player which might merit why you would do further research on that player.
Q: What is LineGen™?
A: Optimal Lineups you seek? LineGen has your back! Choose from several different methodologies for building your optimal lineup. The goal is to maximize salary usage while building the best possible team.
Current options include:
  1. Highest Projected - Generates lineups with highest number of projected points.
  2. Starters Only - Same as highest projected, but only uses expected or confirmed starters.
  3. Predictable & Consistent - Place more value on players who have been predictable.
  4. High Ceiling - Fills lineups with players that have the ability to score big. This is a riskier option, but can pay off.
  5. High Floor - Fills lineups with players that don't score low.
  6. Team Stock - Choose a team and we'll stack your lineup with the best options for that team.
  7. Stars & Scrubs - Fills the lineups with as many high salary studs as possible.
  8. Points Per Game - Use PPG value from daily sites, instead of our projections.
  9. QuickPick - Projections don't matter, but we'll maximize salary usage.
  10. QuickPick : Favorite Boost - Gives a boost to your favorite team or player to get them into your lineups.
Q: What is Perfect LineUp™?
A: Ever wonder what the Perfect LineUp looked like? Now you know! Perfect Lineups gives you the ability to watch the perfect lineups for DraftKings, FanDuel, and Yahoo DFS unfold in near real time. You can watch tonight's games or easily view historical periods and advanced statistics relating to who makes perfect lineups and why.

Knowing the perfect players, teams that produce them, and teams that allow them can be a very valuable research tool in your own efforts to build the perfect lineup.

This feature is completely free and does not require an account to access on the web. If you have a LineStar account, you can also access this information from our mobile apps.
Q: What is LineStar MVP?
A: LineStar MVP is a rewards program that we designed to recognize our players who are experiencing huge success using our tools. To join please see our MVP page. The minimum qualifications to join LineStar MVP include meeting basic qualifications, winning $100+ in the past 72hours thanks to LineStar, recognizing us on social media, and submitting an application. If you qualify our MVP team will reach out to you with an acceptance letter and your welcome gift. Being a LineStar MVP means you're qualified for unique contests, special gifts, and other exclusive MVP only opportunities.
About Our Projections
Q: Do you make your own projections?
A: Yes, all the projections you're seeing are built 100% in-house by sports experts, data scientists, and computer science geniuses. We're proud to say that everything is done in San Diego, California with no outsourced labor. We strive to have the most transparent and accurate projections in the industry.
Q: What factors are taken into consideration to build projections?
A: Every projection you're looking at is sport-specific. We analyze what's important for that sport and build projections based on over 100+ factors that would be relevant to that individual athlete. To give you an example of some factors that are considered and analyzed: Historical performance, weather,
Q: How accurate are your projections?
A: Projections, by nature are always going to vary. You can get caught in the marketing bologna of other providers or you can look for transparency. Which is exactly what we offer - TRANSPARENCY.
We pride ourselves on providing the most transparent projections in the industry. You can look at our historical projections in a single glance and tell if we're spot on with a player or way off. Typically, when we're off you'll be able to easily spot a reason why (ex: overtime). We never modify our projections after-the-fact.
Q: How do I export projections?
Go to 'options' in the top right corner of the projections page and select 'Export Projections'.
Q: Can I use my own projections?
Not presently.