Frequently Asked Questions
Welcome to the LineStar and FantasySportsCo. tutorial page! Don't let the new terms and charts intimidate you. If you love sports and are committed to win, you can learn how to use our Award Winning products in no time! On this page you can learn the basics of LineStar and how you can use your knowledge of your favorite sports along with our advanced tools to craft amazing lineups.
If at any time you have questions, please email us at or on Twitter @LineStarApp
General Questions
What is LineStar™?
LineStar helps you be successful playing (DFS) Daily Fantasy Sports. We accomplish this by providing a set of advanced tools presented in a simplified manner that anyone can benefit from. All tools are built 100% in-house by computer science and data science geniuses in San Diego, California.
How does LineStar Help Me?
You don't have to be a genius, or watch 10 hours of sports to succeed in Daily Fantasy. Don't worry, we do the heavy lifting for you! Our advanced machine-learning algorithms take into account over 100 different sport-specific variables that help create an edge for you. We easily identify trends and opportunities for you to capitalize on. Then we present them in a simple fashion using easy to digest numbers and emoji.
Which Sites & Sports does LineStar currently support?
We presently support: DraftKings, FanDuel, and Yahoo Daily Fantasy.
For sports we support: Football, Basketball, Baseball, Hockey, College Basketball, College Football, Golfing, and NASCAR.
We're always looking to add new sports/providers based upon demand.
Where can I download the mobile apps?
You can download LineStar mobile apps for free in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.
What makes LineStar better than the competition?
Besides the fact that we're drastically more affordable than them? Glad you asked!
LineStar offers the most up-to date, relevant, and easy to understand DFS research out there.
  • Better Apps - Our top-rated mobile apps are built natively for each platform. We don't just take our website and make it viewable on mobile, we build everything *specifically* for your phone/tablet! As evidenced by thousands of positive reviews, our customers really value the ability to take their clutch daily fantasy research on the go!
  • Better Results - Our projections are 100% transparent. You can easily see if we're accurate or wrong and if we're wrong, the reasons behind it (ex. overtime) there is no provider that has produced more verified wins than we have.
  • More Sports - Nobody offers more sports than we do! We cover the most sports/providers out of any DFS toolset. Our information/research is incredibly up-to date and updated many times throughout the day.
  • More Features - Proprietary features such as FanSense, QuickGlance Icons, Advanced Charts, and LineGen that you won't find anywhere else.
  • Customer Success - We genuinely care about our customers, we'll do the best to field your questions and provide a timely response. We don't employ any DFS pros who are inputting 1000's of lineups to compete against you. We genuinely want to see you succeed.

As you can see, not only do we have the best prices, but we've got the best of everything.
How often is LineStar Updated?
As often as projections change :) We pride ourselves on having some of the most up to date projections, injury updates, and relevant intelligence. We publicly post the last time that projections were modified below the sporting period so you can easily tell when they were last changed.
How often are player projections updated?
Player projections vary by sport but typically occur numerous times throughout the day. Some weekly sports such as PGA or NASCAR might have less frequent updates due to the nature of the sport and general lack of news/updates for given players. Nascar for instance generally has 2 projection updates, one for the initial projections, and then one update after the practice and qualifying races have taken place.
What times are new periods added?
Periods are added generally after the previous period's games have concluded. This is because those games can affect projections for the following period. The amount of time between posting is different for each sport and can vary to some degree. Ex: Daily sporting periods generally become available quicker than weekly.
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