Perfect Lineups
Perfect Lineups are the perfect combinations of players that could have been played for each slate. These lineups can only be known after the games have completed. We update these lineups roughly every 5 minutes while games are being played.

** The perfect lineups for this period are not yet available. Check back shortly after games begin! **
(Or take a look at the previous period Perfect Lineups.)
Pos Team Name Salary Scored
Summary of Perfect Lineups Over Past 13 Periods
Team Position Stacks
Position CombosLineupsPercent
Combos in only 1 lineup are removed.
Team Stack Info
Team Stack
No Team Stack26100%
Team Stacked00%
Multi-Team Stacked00%
Lineups With Team Stack, Count of Players On Team
2 Teammates00%
3 Teammates00%
4 Teammates00%
5 Teammates00%
Team Stacking Amount
IE. (3-2) Team 1 has 3 player stack. Team 2 has as 2 player stack.
2-2 STACK00%
3-2 STACK00%
3-3 STACK00%
2-2-2 STACK00%
3-2-2 STACK00%
3-3-2 STACK00%
4-4 STACK00%
4-3 STACK00%
5-3 STACK00%
5-2 STACK00%
Avg Salary Per Slot
Pos Avg. Salary Avg. Scored Usage
F $10042 131.68
F $8726 106.5
F $8307 113.54
F $7711 108.93
F $7530 105.08
F $6107 104.81
Perfect Lineup Player Related Information
This data comes from the largest slate of each period.
Top Perfect Players
Last 13 periods, Jan 16 to Apr 17
Pos Team Player # Perfect Lineups
Teams With the Most Perfect Players
Last 13 Periods, Jan 16 to Apr 17
Team F TOT
Teams That ALLOW the Most Perfect Players
Last 13 Periods, Jan 16 to Apr 17
Team F TOT
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